Cameron is the poison pill of remaining in union, and naturally others of his ilk.

Prime Minister Cameron may be an highly competent statesman, but if his heart is in the wrong place, perhaps that is not good – for Scotland, as well as all concerned. He supports the Israel-centered war machine, which is busily provoking Russia, possibly making the same mistakes as Napoleon and Hitler, underestimating the response of a powerfully sovereign state, one which incidentally is now finally free of the Rothschild forces, and hence the American, British, and naturally Israeli pressures upon Russia, both military and economic. Anyone who takes issue with my point is invited to do his own research and only then engage in discussion, while we yet have the liberty to stand up and be counted. Cameron will help Washington (Wall Street) and the City of London start a nuclear war, unless the Russians flinch, which they refused to do for both Napoleon and Hitler. Brinksmanship on the part of London is what got a lot of people killed in the Twentieth Century’s two great conflicts, and it will do considerably more damage now, given modern weaponry. Also, such a conflict will assure a furthur one involving China, thanks to Bill Clinton’s buildup thereof. Do not support London’s potential dictatorship, and do not support London’s use of unassimilated foreign minorities to destroy your rightful suffrage at the polls. How can you tell a politician is lying to you? Whenever his lips are moving