This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police






This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police.


Plans are being made, and implemented, to suppress the entire American people. Various excuses are being manufactured and supplied, and mass media is on board this massive deception, which has as its objective the subjugation of the once proud and free Americans, who have allowed themselves to be deceived, coerced, deluded, and panicked into attacking foreigners, and occasionally each other. We are too stupid to see beyond all the smoke and mirrors. One paltry excuse after another has been tried: Islam, terrorism, drugs, gun safety, child safety. Our oppressors will never exhaust their ruses, because mass media knows how to push our buttons, and because we have something the powerful ones want – more power.


Power is an end itself, and it is always addicting and corrupting. Observe the Medieval Catholic Church, and its massive heretic and witchcraft persecutions, the crusades and religious wars, the monetary corruption, mind and physical slavery, and the abject superstition it spawned.


Americans allowed themselves to be saddled with a fraudulent debt to the international financiers, through a private banking monopoly that issues all our currency, and only upon terms of interest-bearing loans, whether to government itself with bonds, or to industry by loans from Federal Reserve branch banks. The principal is created out of thin air by the Fed, but the interest is never created, so repayment of these loans and bonds must necessarily absorb the available capital, the circulating medium of exchange that we term money. Thus, to avoid a depression, new loans must perpetually be issued. This is never-ending, and unless it is legally addressed, will end in economic disaster.


Already the writing is on the wall. Our delicately balanced economy is in danger of coming down like the proverbial walls of Jericho. Unbeknownst, President Roosevelt got all the states to sign as accommodation parties to the national debt, and this means all state government assets. Your assets also, cars, houses, guns, taxable labor, all are the government’s, through a legal fiction. We could challenge this massive fraud, in International Court, and several people have attempted such action, but the majority of government officials are bought and bribed. They no longer work for us, but for the privileged special interests. Iceland repudiated their debt and jailed corrupt bankers and politicians, elected a new, honest government, and nationalized their central bank.


That will never happen here because Americans are too timid and too stupid, too disorganized and too easily coerced. That is what the heavily armed police are for – to coerce and intimidate you. Read the writing on the wall. Foreign wars will keep us distracted, mass media will convince the mind-slaves that any national leader who stands up to these international conspirators is a hater, a Nazi, a fool. Look at the handful of nations that have thrown those oligarchs out. We are militarily provoking most of them. Media simply ignored Iceland and hoped we won’t be getting the same ideas. Have you seen how protests are handled in America? That’s what the armored cars, body armor, and police state spying and martial law tactics are for – to keep you slaves under control. The roadblocks, the no-knock raids and unlawful searches and seizures, the senseless mass-shooting black operations, with some “lone gunman” always being charged for some crime only a small team of professionals could have pulled off? That’s just a taste of what you have waiting for you, and it will get worse before it gets any better, because that is what it is going to take to awaken the mind-slaves who watch television and allow themselves to be subtly programmed.


You will never see the debt properly addressed, you will simply see taxes getting higher and more raids, more regulation, more arrests, more fines and more fees. Food and medicine will be strictly controlled, and only the kinds patented and controlled by big corporations will be allowed. Private farmers will soon learn why the USDA purchased so many sub-machine guns, as will alternative medical clinics and practitioners. The health Gestapo and the food SS are going to have their hands full bashing our heads. Control of food and medicine is mandatory under any kind of martial law. We have been under a limited martial law ever since FDR’s Banking Emergency was enacted, and this is reflected in the martial gold fringe on all courtroom flags. People are too dumb to catch on, because the government is doing this all through laws, as well as rules and regulations, policies and memoranda of understanding, all such having the mere color of law. People believe anything the government publishes is actually a law. Unless the people require their judges to stand up for their rights, judges will continue rolling over like the trained circus dogs they have become. An example was made of that fine, decent judge John Roll who was murdered during the shooting event that plugged Congresswoman Gabby Gifford. Roll had just disapproved Obama’s grabbing people’s retirement accounts and nationalizing them. Just wait, it will happen eventually. You will be panicked and pressured into surrendering what little you have saved for your old age, and socialism will finally reign supreme in Las Estadas Unidas. This massive illegal immigration wave will inundate our Constitutional Rights, and those guests will suddenly have more rights than those of you who worked hard and paid taxes since the day you could labor. You will never catch on, thanks to the commandeered educational system.


The corruption is nearly complete. The remaining gun owners only need to be disarmed, and you will all be virtual slaves of the State, and those corporations that use the State to control you. You will all be too stupid and disorganized to do anything about it. You will be slaves, but you will all be happy slaves. The psychiatric profession will see to it that you don’t make too much noise, as will our fine prison industry. About 1978 and 1979 the Socialist and Parties of the US both withdrew from public political activity, stating that Republican and Democrat parties having both incorporated every plank of the Communist Manifesto, they no longer had any unique political platform to run on. Welcome to the police state, fools and slaves. Your TV will keep you under control, monitor you, and tell you what to do. You never read GeorgeĀ  Orwell, so you might act a little surprised, but you’d better get used to it.


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