Article explaining the stranglehold Inter-Alpha Rothschild banks controlled by Jacob Rothschild have over U.K. and U.S. economies. Also speaks of how much reinstating the Glass Steagal Act would do for the American economy.

Pay attention, because the USA is but a British clone, governmentally and especially financially

Here In Reality

Mike Robinson

Britain’s banks are bankrupt. We have said it many times. They are trading while insolvent, and in this country at least, that is illegal. The British establishment is owned lock, stock and barrel by these banks, and so nothing is done. They have already taken us very close to the point of no return, and the financial collapse is only one symptom of their fraudulent thinking.

As we published recently in the paper edition of the UK Column, this stage of the process began in 1971, with the double whammy of the “Nixon Shock”, where President Nixon unilaterally cancelled the US Dollar’s link to gold that essentially ended the Bretton Woods system of international financial exchange, combined with Rothschild’s formation of the Inter Alpha Group.

The Inter Alpha Group is a cartel of European banks, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, AIB and ING among others…

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