People cannot remain uninformed and free at same time

We are in a-lot of trouble, and I don’t need to say much more. Propaganda and outright mind control are so prevalent in America, we have lost our independence as assuredly as if the UN or some foreign conqueror were now in charge. If I identify these rascals, because of the aforementioned situation, decent and otherwise intelligent fellow Americans will automatically, instinctively begin attacking me, saying I have lost my reason, even calling me a “hater”, the modern politically correct denunciation for Americans who are “mad as hell and not going to take it any more”. Our enemies tried, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, to take over and rule the more highly organized societies of the world, using the financial and military power of these countries, realizing if they could so do, they would in short order rule the whole globe. They began in London, and managed to so effectively infiltrate the British and American governments, any great modern nation that stood in their way could be effectively demolished. Additionally, by building up and installing governments abroad, and controlling popular movements through money and media propaganda, they could instigate one powerful nation against another, and in so doing control the outcome of such conflicts, effectively benefiting the side that promised to award them the most control upon cessation of hostilities.

The infamous Red Terror petered out, as decent people reacted to it by ruthlessly suppressing any and all such communist overthrows. The Red Terror always used vicious tactics against broad populations, especially educated and middle class people. The reds realized they had quickly gotten a well-deserved evil reputation, and now had to go underground again to avoid extermination. They accordingly infiltrated all educational and Christian institutions, using media and money power to undermine any and all opposition to their goals. Academe, finance, marketing, media, entertainment, most government on all levels, and quite naturally the Christian Church. There exist rumors of Secret Society involvement, but such is naturally unverifiable. Those organizations being what they are, they are not exactly paragons of transparency, and at the lay level function merely as charitable and fraternal societies, wholly above reproach. All the common television-watcher thinks he knows is, communism failed, and the “free world” won the Cold War. However, anyone who believes himself to be living in any sort of free world is truly delusional. We are actively forging our own fetters, and welcoming them under the guise of security. Individualism is discouraged in growing boys, collectivism is encouraged, and students are encouraged to participate in their own intellectual oppression, guided by teachers who should have higher ideals of intellectual freedom. Ministers even approve of foreign oppression and warfare, as long as it corresponds to whatever the media promotes as justifiable. Oil companies, Rothschild bankers, and weapons manufacturers are all doing well, as false flag attacks and black operations keep us off balance and fearful, and as the scandals of popular entertainers keep us preoccupied and distracted. Americans are running like lemmings to their own doom. Food and medicine are all under control of a handful of corporations, like finance, information, and marketing. Education and religion are firmly in step with our New World Order, so much so that any alarmist will be immediately attacked and denounced by his fellows. As long as we send our children to those schools and continue watching television, we will vote for career criminals and buy products which are bad for ourselves and for the environment, and we will attack and denounce any and all who actually stand up for your rights and mine. We will approve and insist upon persecution and punishment, even kidnapping and murder, of any bellwether who tries to wake you up and get something done while time yet remains. A crisis in food and medicine is now being engineered by the handful of corporations that control such industries, and what remains of humanity when the dust settles will be neither free nor enlightened. Teachers and ministers, doctors and scientists, all are actively going against the ethics of their professions, just following orders like a good bunch of Nazis. You may notice I did not mention civil servants and public officials. I would not know where to start, concerning them, but since you continually elect them, you will soon get what you so richly deserve.

Benjamin Franklin, and many others of his stature, said that people cannot remain uninformed and free at same time. You are about to find this out, most dramatically so. The ancient Greeks made a study of constitutions, and came to the conclusion that democracies never endure long. Eventually the people learn to vote themselves into the treasury and loot it. After the collapse of the state, a dictatorship becomes necessary to maintain order.

Patriot and Founding Father John Adams once said that Libertyonce lostcan never be regained. You must now make your choice, not only for yourselves, but for your children and for your children’s children. Are you leaving them a better world than the one you received, or a worse. Posterity will judge you accordingly, so don’t make any excuses. If you fail them, they may well spit on your graves.