Colorado newspaper asks if Obama is a Manchurian candidate for Russia

Colorado newspaper asks if Obama is a Manchurian candidate for Russia.

No, not any more, and I will tell you why. If Russia were still communist, then Obama would be the Marxist sleeper agent he was raised to be. As it is, Russia has had enough of leftist politics and economics, and discarded the whole system. Some insider commissars sold state-owned industries to their Ashkenazim friends, the so-called “Oligarchs”, and Putin and his Russian nationalist friends chased them out. This is why Obama is so rude to Putin, disrupting the Winter Olympics with the trouble we started in Ukraine. Obama will suck up to any Marxist and follow Israel’s bidding. He is not out president by any means. Whoever his handlers are, whoever was opening the doors and preparing him through schooling and mentoring, pulling strings so he could change nationality and even personal identity between Columbia and Harvard, two expensive schools with extremely high student standards. There’s a sang are going around the world rubbing out people who  know him just a little too well. Find out who his handlers are, and find a way to expose him without placing yourself in mortal peril. They bumped off Hilary’s campaign manager to shut her up about his qualification for the nomination. Hilary herself is nobody to fool with. You recall, before she was even a New York resident, young John Kennedy had his campaign funding arranged for the NY Senate seat? Young John had an airplane “acccident” just before the election.