What’s this about the notorious convicted spy Pollard?

Israel has always stolen and sold to our enemies our military secrets. Just think of it as unauthorized foreign aid, or “found money”, and they’re not going to leave it on the table. With the Democrat Party getting 60% of its campaign contributions from American Jews, and the Republicans 30%, Israel feels they have a perfect right to use our government for their territorial aggrandizements, if they wish. Remember, the most influential group in Israel is the ultra-orthodox Russian immigrants, who think they deserve welfare and unemployment because they are obligated to pray all the time, and thus cannot work for a living. Furthermore, Talmudic teaching is that non-Jews are subhumans no better than cattle, fit only to be used and exploited, so in their minds they are being perfectly pious when they play the nations (“Goyem”) against one another. They are merely following the teachings of the Babylonian rabbis. The secrets Pollard stole for them enabled Russia to sink the USS Scorpion, our nuclear submarine, during the Cold War. There were no good guys in the cold war, just conspirators and the sheep who followed orders.