A fine truth. Look at Christians: the A-bomb, poison gas, machine gun, and concentration camps, and now global corporate domination. Jesus’ ministry was  spent denouncing and fighting the one worst sin among his people, the Jews – hypocrisy. He attacked  the Teachers of the Law, he even overturned the money-changers’ tables. If he went down to Wall Street and did the same today, or if he got elected to Congress and again fought against our own hypocrisy, they would do the same to him now that they did to him then. Modern Christians would crucify Jesus for doing now what he did then, attacking hypocrisy. Modern Christians are some of the biggest hypocrites ever. They are Christians in name only. Jesus forgave nearly every other kind of sinner (thieves, prostitutes, adulterers, dishonest tax collectors), but he did not forgive the hypocrites. A sinner must first confess his sins and ask for forgiveness. When have you ever seen  hypocrite say he was wrong? When hypocrisy is connected with religion, the sin is then the classical one of Hubris, making oneself falsely pious. Pretending you have some god-given rights, whether Russian Jews stealing Palestinians’ land, Muslims murdering crowds of innocent strangers to make a political statement,  or Catholics allowing homosexual priests to abuse their altar boys, religious hypocrisy remains the one unforgivable sin.