What none are willing to say is, these “Jihadis” were mercenaries, hired by our CIA cut-outs, the Saudis, and of course commanded by Israeli puppets, typically Arabic-speaking Middle Eastern Zionists.

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I’m your admirer! Please don’t be so self effacing.

OFA: Obama’s Communist Organization of Destruction

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Nobody Gets Email Sometime, I get a real gem. This was one of them: (Thanks to Tom Beebe) Do yourself a favor, and put it in your things…

Honor your Oath of Office. Educate yourself on the US Constitution so you understand precisely what constitutes a lawful or an unlawful order, and learn who those enemies foreign and DOMESTIC actually are.

Measles at Disneyland?

What the drug companies really need is a nice, profitable epidemic, something that’ll scare people into lining up for their shots, and that will shut up the health activists who are aware of… Continue reading

Cameron is the poison pill of remaining in union, and naturally others of his ilk.

Prime Minister┬áCameron may be an highly competent statesman, but if his heart is in the wrong place, perhaps that is not good – for Scotland, as well as all concerned. He supports the… Continue reading

You won’t believe the CDC told this lie

You won’t believe the CDC told this lie. Well, they told a bigger one about vaccines and autism, a completely phony cover-up. Why wouldn’t we think they’re lying now? Dr. Thompson blew the… Continue reading

A Sea Of Saltaires Waved For Our Nation I Hope There Not Drowned Out By Fear

A Sea Of Saltaires Waved For Our Nation I Hope There Not Drowned Out By Fear. The truth is simply the truth. Vote fraud is a crime in any country.

This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4   This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police.   Plans are being made, and implemented, to suppress the entire American people.… Continue reading


HOW CAN HILLARY REDEEM HERSELF? Hillary knows she has lost it, and the only way she is going to get it back is, if she still wants to be the first American woman… Continue reading